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Save My Hair!


Amazing product! As you can see top left is day 1, day 20 is picture 2 and the bottom pictures are the end of six bottle!!! Amazing results for sure!! For any guy who wants to grow their hair out and hesitated like me, or any woman with a bald man in their life this is the secret!!!! 

John K

Everyone dreams of a thick hair, well, or at least get rid of bald. Nowadays, because of ecology, poor nutrition, stress, heredity and other factors, alopecia is quite mild. Saw 30 + guys with sour such bald spots! In short, i started positive reviews and bought this thing (now everyone is awesome) for eyebrows!! I use in combination with castor oil. And the effect is! From the oil, the hairs darken and become thicker! It, by the way, is also used for eyelashes. The packaging is credible, the smell is clearly herbal some, i do not think that there is much chemically chemically. The color is yellowish. Allergies did not cause. Although, i do not have sensitive skin. I will finish the tube to the end, i will write again. On the eyebrows does not go much, rubbing in the skin with a cotton stick. Shelf life is good. Packaging is reliable. Delivery 2 weeks to Germany. 

Joanne C

A good spray, perfectly nourishes the roots of hair. It does not itch and does not get dirty hair, there was no allergy to it.

Sarah J